Suspension Servicing


Welcome to SOLA Sports Suspension Service.

Get your Fox/Marzocchi products serviced by the OFFICIAL FOX FACTORY service centre in Australia. SOLA Sport is dedicated to providing the best suspension service on the market. No matter where in Australia you can now get your products serviced with SOLA.


Routine Servicing can help extend the life and feel of your treasured Fox/Marzocchi product. By making sure the oil and lubricants/seals are replaced with regular maintenance, your suspension will then perform on the trail, giving you the traction and control you need when out on the trail. Please see our recommended service intervals HERE.


We also offer FOX FACTORY TUNE -
The FOX Factory Tuning (FFT) Provide FOX customers with the best possible product for their individual needs.
  • Choice of damper tunes all model years for FIT4 and RC2
  • Evol airspring upgrades
  • P-S to F-S, and remote upgrades
  • Custom rear shock tunes
  • Kabolts, and custom decal kits

FFT MY19 Expanded Offering

  • Grip tuning and upgrade options
  • FIT GRIP2 tuning
  • FIT GRIP2 cartridge upgrades
  • DPX2 tuning, and remote upgrades
You can see a copy of our current service price list HERE.

To have your product serviced by SOLA Sport, you need a Return Authorization (RA) number issued by the SOLA Sport.

Based on the product being serviced and your location, SOLA Sport will inform you to ship your product.

To assist us in quicker processing, please mark the RA number clearly on the outside of the package.

Please start this process by filling in all the information below to get your Fox/Marzocchi products serviced by the experts.

Payment via credit card only.

Proof of Purchase must be supplied with your repair

Any delays in supplying Proof of Purchase will delay your repair